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Today, 21/4/22, 11 years ago.

Note: This is a Facebook memory sharing on my social media converted to this blog piece. Today, 11 years ago, i was a co-owner of a small time Cafe, Academy and Roastery all in one. I was 29YO in this photo and it was complicated. I join this traditional coffee family business in 2007, fresh after a 8 years stint with Starbucks. I was a salaried employee, cutting my teeth in sales and training for this coffee company - roasting and selling commercial grade Arabica coffees. 2 years later in 2009, we open another entity separated from the traditional business and conceptualised this roaster in a box concept, opening 1 unit away from famous Sia Huat. I was made Director with 30% shares holding. Business was brisk, the academy was doing well and we were selling speciality graded single origins in 200gm bags, always overselling each week roasted batches. In this cafe, we hired and trained the who's who in the industry today - too many names to mention. We were also toll roasting for bar

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