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Hustling in Coffee since 1998

Doing something you love now on a dream roasting machine sounds like a perfect image? But it does not come easy! Our society judge results but failed to appreciate the journey . They are quick to assume but never asked the questions on how things happen. Don't be too quick to judge the results(GS3) by going "whoah look at what he has" but look at his journey(trolley) and ponder "oh that's how he did it" Opportunities come to those who are optimistic but it doesn't have to neccessarily come in a box with a ribbon on top. We work our ass off to make things happen. Right, I mentioned journey and journey does not happen over a short period of time. My coffee journey started in 1998 and I clocked longer hours then anyone else, especially when I fully decided that i will dive professionally into specialty coffee in 2007. I did coffee sales Mon to Fri and run a cafe every weekends. When i got married and become a father the following year, my Mrs have to bring

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