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5x I Am A Barista In SG Tips during Espresso Calibrations.

"Do not adjust grind size."

This is the picture that got me all inspired to write a piece on espresso calibration, dialling in, calling the dial, grind size adjustment, whatever you call them operationally. This is not an easy topic to write out, it is easier via 'Tell, Show & Do' and a video blog might works better but I will attempt it anyways. No, you won't be able to expertly dial in (if you are a career barista who like the above picture summarised, do not adjust grinds in your lifetime) simply by reading this but the tips I hope will help remove the fear factors of dialling in and yes this is where I am coming from. To remove fears and progress forward.

'A' for effort from the barista/operator/owner or whoever that wrote on the transparent tape and sticking it on the doser but definitely not an 'A' for what he/she is trying to achieve for the coffee operations of this cafe! If consistency is what they are after, or a high turnover o…

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