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"Hope you will keep writing" & "How do we make it big in coffee?"

I  set out to work one of the days, scheduled to meet some of the team members in the shops with the purpose of inspiring them, least did I know that I am the one getting inspired. Or at least, inspired to write something new for the blog! After almost an hour of  discussion on espresso, extraction and calibration with one team, I move into another hour with a different individual in discussing about overcoming obstacles. Then, I travelled to another shop to meet another of our valued team member and covering topics from taking up a part time diploma to career progression. The conversation started with a question and another hour later, ended with another question, "Suhaimi, how can we make it big in coffee, to be successful and climbed the ladder?" I told the person that it was a good question and while i did my best to provide a reply there and then, I promised to blog about it too before he replied, "And yes, please keep writing because I read all your blogs." Th

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