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Think why are you in coffee again....

(this post was first uploaded on the 9th October 2018)

As my day eventually came to an end, the question I asked myself is; Was it a fruitful one and was I able to inspire or touch someone else life with coffee?
Started the morning in ITE College Central exchanging pleasantries with  CEOs, Managing Directors and stakeholders about the grassroot project that we are involved with the students. Ended the night in ITE College East, addressing the students with their results, having an inspirational story in the pocket and having the only meal of the day together with all of them.

In between the two, held a sales pitch to a client from the middle east and separately a work discussion with the principal and lecturers for another side project.
A career in coffee goes beyond latte art, perfecting the handbrew, roasting microlots or what have you. It is also about changing lives of others and creating a bigger pie of consumers and advocators of specialty coffee.
Think why are you in coffee ag…

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