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That Conversation & The Coincidence Bump!

Another of my Instagram short post series converted into a full length article, today I like to share more about the conversations I had with two different individuals and the after-thoughts. I had two encounters yesterday, with two different successful individuals in their own merits; one is a retired realtor during our public cupping series and the other was my first boss in the independent coffee world, after I left a 8 year old career with Starbucks. Both are in their 60s. The conversation: The ex-realtor said, "This is my 1st time attending a public cupping session and I lowered my expectations of receiving knowledge as it is free*. Now with the information shared, I am impressed yet surprised why are you doing it for free?" I smiled..... The short answer is because the Company is passionate in what we do, serve and sell and everyone of us would have probably be used to this phrase, 'Passion makes people do crazy (or stupid) stuffs!' And hence, running a 90 minut

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