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Quirkiest Customised Coffee Beverages: Barista spill the beans.

It all started with this Facebook group posting on the 26th of May 2020 asking the following:
"What's the quirkiest customized drinks that a customer has ever requested from you, how do you charge them for it and have ever any of them come back to reject their own drinks?"

28 comments later and sharing by the barista members in the group, and we have a fresh topic to write about. But first, let's put some of their sharing here for everyone else in the internet world to see. For the full edition of the cafe owner & barista rants, you can visit the post on the FaceBook group.

Adrian KhongSuhaimie Sukiman I want an espresso in a      takeaway ice cup with ice....promptly goes to condiment bar and top up with milk....not enough...comes over and complains that condiment bar not enough milk...iced latte on the cheap.... Muhd IkhtiarEver got an extra hot bone dry cappuccino before, and also an extra hot americano.

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