Do you taste your own coffee, enough?

Chefs taste their food before serving it out, Bartenders do so with their mocktails (drinking on the job and I hope they don't turn alcoholic in the process) thus it should be almost second nature for Barista and Cafe owners? Think again!

Coffee calibrations happen daily every morning, after lunch hour too in some businesses and all the time after dialling in a new coffee in the grinder but are they really tasting it or watching the shots drip to hit the 30ml spot in 30 seconds?

How many time do Barista or Cafe Owner reject a coffee after drinking it personally or even stop a bad coffee from being served out? Or do they actually reactively taste it only when a 1 star review comes in the form of social media rating? (Or when a customer leave a full cup behind and leave the premise.)

In Dutch Colony, we taste our coffee daily and with 3 shops and 1 roasting facility, we make it a point to set up a group chat as well as a calibration form just to geek it out and discuss flavours and recipes early in the morning, before the first coffee is serve out to the earliest customer. Taking time to taste our coffees also means we put ourselves in the customer shoes and asking ourselves whether we will buy and drink that coffee or reject them. (And why if we ever reject it!)

Coffee is a serious business and it will remain one, as long as Barista and Cafe Owners takes quality as seriously as they possibly can.

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