1/3 Coffee, 1/3 Milk, 1/3 Foam= Cappuccino? No!

My last blog was 2 Saturdays ago and coming back from a recent trip to Surabaya, Malang, I sure have an awful lot of things to write about. After all, in 3 days, I manage to observe live, how exactly are the Greenfields milk produced and packed. With milk being an essential part of our trade, it sure helps in understanding the journey but more of that in my next post. Tonight, I have to blog about the proportion of Cappuccino!

So ask any coffee enthusiast out there to describe Cappuccino and I am sure you will received more than one definitions. There is the half milk and half foam version, the wet, dry and bone dry version, the one with chocolate dusting, the one in a mug, the one that should only be in a bowl shaped cup and of course the WBC defined one of 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3 in a cup between 150ml to 180ml (5-6oz). As much as I agree with the WBC definition of the "one thirds" and practicing it too myself, I just could not figure out the ratio of how this 1/3 formula work! Looking at it Mathematically, it is possible as somebody will just easily waived off this paragraph without reading what more I have to say in the next one by putting the numbers as:-

150ml cup (5oz)- 50ml ESP/Coffee, 50ml Milk & 50ml Foam OR 180ml cup (6oz)- 60ml ESP/Coffee, 60ml Milk & 60ml Foam

Like I mention, the above proportion is definitely 1/3 balance but then, if you are a properly trained Barista, the next question you will ask is, how can this happen when a standard shot of Espresso in a Cappuccino recipe is 30ml/ 1oz! (unless special request of double or triple shot Esp) Base on standard 30ml Espresso in our Cappuccino and if we stick to the 1/3 definition, wouldn't the actual or correct formula be:-

30ml Esp, 30ml Milk & 30ml Foam which only total up to 90ml of a Cappuccino? Wouldn't that also mean that the same Cappuccino is only a 3oz beverage if per definition and if done, it looks and taste more like a Piccolo Latte? Is Piccolo the new Cappuccino? It definitely is, at least to me. For the rest of you, reflect on this post and let me have your thoughts.

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