Toby's Estate X-mas Blend 2013

It is Christmas season and during this period of time, coffee guys gets busy outdoing each other, trying to roast and blend a festive blend that is more unique, more special and more tasty! behind the R&D table to come up with special festive blends that they can call their own.

It is 2013 and Toby's Estate 3rd Xmas since we opened our doors in Oct'2011 and we are excited about our rendition of Xmas too, in a one way valve bag!

In 2011 we expertly combined 3 x Cup of Excellence coffees together. We had then, all three coffee from Latin America and boy they were a hit, selling at $18/250gm and commanding an additional $2 on top of the standard beverage menu to whoever that wishes to sip them.

2012 got us back to the classical and evergreen Mocha Java by blending in a natural from Yemen, Yemen Mocca Matari and a "giling basah' from Indonesia, Sumatra triple picked Mandheling. It was spicy, chocolaty, fruity and felt like Christmas flavors in a cup!

This year, we were all excited in trying to combine flavors from 2011 and 2012 together. We had a few damn awesome coffees at our disposal and honestly, spoilt for choices. We went for it without really putting much focus on what flavors we want to achieve at the end. We just go with our guts and put in together, 3 coffees that we enjoyed from the past 2 editions. Cupped it after roasting and got smitten with the flavors! (honestly, i am trying to stay humble here by not focusing too much on how crazy we were behind the scene, researching and developing the blend. LOL)

Toby's Estate Christmas Blend 2013 focus alot on the overall mouthfeel of the coffee, we want it to be full bodied even in a 5oz milk (too many blends nowadays get lost when milk is added) but at the same time, remain tasty and smooth as an Espresso and with this blend, we got both and alot more. There is the washed coffees from El Alto, Costa Rica as well as La Pradera, Colombia. Two sweet single origins from Latin America which are known for its crisp acidity as well as juicy body. Loads of chocolate, vanilla and orange and expertly blended with Natural Yemen Mocca Matari, acting as a binder to marry all this 3 together, making TEC Xmas Blend an exotic blend of sorts.

With a tasting note that reads: Pecan nuts, sweet raisins, cocoa nibs, caramel, toffee, chestnuts and medley of fruits, you know you have to spend your last $20 on this 250gm bag!

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