The Providore

Finally the soft launch, and to that, really the softest of launch! For all you know, I could very well be the first individual, a coffee blogger with bragging rights to claim to be the first to write/blog about Providore. (Apart from of course the constant pictures on Instagram and FaceBook, posted by close friends of The Providore!)

Call it a back stage pass, a VVIP invitation or simply because of the coffee collaboration between Providore and Toby's Estate.

I am lucky to be able to see the development of this awesome Retail Warehouse, from a vacant space with bare walls and grey cement cladded floor to a heritage and classic looking interior, that seems to hybrid the influence of Japan and Australia.

I rarely blog about a cafe, coffee place (whether they are connected through relation of business or not) for fear that it may be labelled as one-sided, sensitivity due to business conflict or what have you. When I see The Providore though, I told myself I need to capture this into picture memoirs and pen this into the blog. And so I did!

Why is that so? It reminds me a lot of my private study room (to that I mean in a positive light) where riding on passion, I started to display coffee merchandise that I have collected over my 14 years of involvement with the coffee industry. When i stepped into the front door, I feel like a child lost in a very big playground, filled with only toys you adore.

Let the pictures do the talking.

Awesome job guys....

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