Labour Day May

It was a great start to May. For a start, driving to work (25km from home to Rodyk) which usually takes 35 minutes, an hour with the jam, was only 15 minutes.
If only this happen every day in and day out.

A reception/HOD meeting to welcome a new colleague into the family of Toby's Estate Coffee Singapore, Rasul, a 14 years Starbucks veteran. It was a 2 hours productive meeting and the future of Toby's Singapore can't be any brighter. :)

Soon to follow was a coffee conversation filled with so much love and passion, with a group of individuals opening a cafe in the Philippines. Always while in a meeting like this, I feel rejuvenated and start to living the dreams of others.

Icing on the cake was getting to taste our latest OCR Yirgacheffe. With an experimental water to coffee ratio and a longer brewing as well as "ageing time", the cold brew taste too amazing, natural sweetness, creamy, with burst of floral jasmine and summer berries!

Hello May. Looking forward to you.

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