Re: Toby's Estate Coffee Asia

Been 2 week since my last entry. Had almost 3 weeks of annual leave to clear with Cuppachoice and the break that was suppose to be turn out to be busier than what i thought. Took up a freelance Cafe consulting job and excited for them to start operations by early August but today, today was the beginning of something great.

1st July 2011, i officially start with a brand new coffee establishement; Toby's Estate Coffee Asia. Well, they are not exactly new,New. Toby's have been much involved in shaping the coffee culture in Australia. They started roasting way back in 1997 before they decided to expand their good efforts with coffee in 2 major city of the world, NYC and lucky Singapore. Both stipulated to start ops by this year. Here is Toby's progress:-

Pre 1997-Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, living on plantations, doing a cupping and trading course
1998-Toby’s Estate Founded, roasted on a 5kg roaster in Toby’s mum’s garage in Woolloomooloo, offered training and tasting to the public in her garden
2001-Opened up stall at Pyrmont Markets
2001-Café at Woolloomooloo started- bought 25kg roaster
2004-Opened Potts Point
2005-Opened Chippendale and moved offices to Chippendale, now using 50kg roaster
2007-Moved to Brambati 120kg roaster
2008-Opened Melbourne
2009-Opened Bondi
2010-Launch New Website
2011-Launching of Toby's Coffee Roastery in NYC and Singapore

I am happy to be selected to pioneer this effort in Singapore. The 2nd hire right after Alvaro Sanchez, although Alvaro started out way back with Toby's Australia during his early coffee-ing days. Been admiring his wacky approach towards coffee since knowing him 2 years back.In between the 2 years, we have had opportunities to roast and tasted coffee together although we were representing 2 different companies all together.Never have it occur to me that one day, i will count him as a fellow colleague but things happen.

Both of us will be fully hands on with the operations. From roasting to packing to brewing and pulling shots as well as Espresso training and what have you. Right now, the place is undergoing some structural works before our renovation takes place. While we are preparing ourselves, do follow our updates here in FB;

I certainly cant wait to serve you some honest and good quality Toby's coffee.

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