After awhile....

Was driving down AYE heading to Temple St today and while at it, strikes a conversation with Fadhly (who hitch a ride) about the period of time that I remain to sit out facilitating a class but instead, just mentoring new trainers in the likes of Ian, Sham and now, Fadhly. Reflecting back, the last class that I took ownership of 100% was during fasting month last year for the good people of Marina Mandarin Hotel. This year fasting season is in August, which means it has been almost a year since I last hold a workshop! How time flies....

I had a husband and wife team today for the Barista 3.01 workshop which was split in 2 session. 10am-12pm for theory and 3pm-5pm for practical (which of course stretched up til 6pm!) Franz and Shanie was a good sport, ever spirited, enthusiastic and lively. It helps that I felt comfortable in running the workshop as well as taking in good coffee questions from the couple, especially after being 'out' for a year already. I guess when it is passion, you just don't lose it. It helps too when I have an able trainer in Fadhly, who it seems, is ready to hold a class of his own anytime now. So comfortable in taking questions and answering them, willingness to share and demonstrate with such passion and conviction. Thank you Fadhly.

During the session, we were lucky to have Shanie bringing with her, a bag of coffee from Japan that was roasted by Streamer Coffee Company Tokyo and named, Latte Art Blend! It was supposingly blended for one and by one of the leading Latte Art expert from Japan, Hiroshi Sawada. Dark roasted to almost Continental/French, I believed after tasting it that it was more for producing a dark crema for pouring latte art rather than the flavour experience. (Although I admit it taste sweeter as a Cappuccino.) anyway, thank you Shanie and Franz.

More from me in days to come. Polling day tomorrow and the weekend will be busy for me in preparing for my kid birthday party next weekend as well as packing for my trip to Indonesia from the 9th to 11th May 2011, for a milk plantation visit courtesy of Greenfields.

Cheers (and please vote for change)


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