After the last post, there was so many great coffee moments worth blogging about. If there was some sort of Blogger Tweet page or FB post, I would have randomly blog my posts in points form. It may have look like this:-

23/04- "Had fun doing coffee comparison with Intelligentsia and Oriole beans with the likes of Terrence Tan, Danny Hor, John Ting, Fadhly,Sham and the rest of my Cuppa team. Drinking from 11am to 4pm, with honest truth( ugly truths infact) coming out from the conversation!"

25/04- "Catch up with The Coffee Couple over lunch and coffee and was gifted with an awesome, smack forehead moment, new coffee toy; a dark wood radical pro RB tamper, engraved by Reg himself......." epic!

27/04- "Roasting Brown Man Blend today!"

29/04- "Roasting for the first time, an unknown single origin Cuban coffee. Finding while roasting; a hybrid of Colombian Huila Supremo and Hawaiian Ka'u Forest!

Been a real busy week, hectic schedule of taking and handing over job scopes, mass hiring, orientation visit with clients and loads more!
Must really find time to blog......

Suhaimi Sukiman

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