21 days past after my last contribution to this blog! It was 21 days of toil and sweat, polishing ceramic, glasses and stainless steel, roasting origins after origins, practising routines and re-practising! All for just 15 minutes worth of time on stage. [And if you are lucky, another 15 minutes in the Finals! =) ]

Yesterday was the finals. I managed to retain my 2010 position, coming in 2nd runner up again 2 years running BUT there was a twist in the top seat. Keith won Best Espresso and everyone present there and then (which includes me) would have thought that Mr. Loh will represent Singapore again to Bogota. When David Makin announced the 1st runner up title was going to Keith, the crowdwas silenced because that mean we have a new Barista Champion.

Ryan from Papa Palheta was crowned Singapore Top Barista yesterday. He was also Latte Art Champion in a side event that was conducted every morning in that 3 days of Championship. In 2010, Keith was the holder while John and myself was 2nd and 3rd respectively. This year we opt out competing as it was too much to already run a booth and prepare for the main competition. Nevertheless, Ryan got my vote. He is truly an amazing Coffee individual.

I am dozing away. Tiring time now!


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