Coffee in Reality.

It was surreal. The 3 days of SNBC 2011 is certainly a highlight of Singapore Coffee Industry. Where good coffee people meet and discuss nothing else but coffee. When where they come from doesn't matter anymore, what bean they use or who has a bigger following and what have you. Everyone mingles and shake hands. Pats on back and smiles of acknowledgment are exchanged. A common topic was discussed. Coffee.....

It's the first Saturday after SNBC. Slowly by slowly the feeling sunk in. I am 3rd again and it is back to Coffee Reality. There is a coffee workshop on going, coffee greens waiting to be roasted and answering to customers queries of "what is the difference between this coffee and that," "can I have a cappuccino w/o foam!" it makes me smile. This is what that makes me love my job and stay rooted to the ground.

The journey to spread coffee love is ongoing. Passion will drive me. It will be another year before fellow coffee comrades meet at a neutral setting and speak coffee. I hope we will not have to wait a year. There must be more coffee activities in store throughout the 12 months. Dear SCA, are you listening to my plea? :)

Suhaimi Sukiman

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