Hooray, Rejoice!! Reg Barber Tampers in the house.

I will be selling RB tampers through this blog. Officially and like anytime from this week, as soon as the first shipment arrive. You can find out more either through reading this blog or by following on this blog on FaceBook Group: I AM A BARISTA IN SINGAPORE- COFFEE BLOG!

Please do not expect it to be anwhere cheaper that the original selling price that you see from any coffee on-line biz or from RB official website themselves! We have a code of conduct to abide to and if you wish to buy RB, you should be aware that you are buying premium quality here. Of course i will not be an idiot. There are certain advantages from buying from me:-

1) I will absorb shipping fees. If i am not wrong, on average you have to pay atleast Canadian dollars 15-25 per tamper. (I am not rich but of course i am covered as a re-seller. If not making $$ out of it, why will i bother sell right? The man need to cover the oversea calls he make to Reg Barber Enterprise somehow. =p )

2) You will not have to wait 2 weeks for the shipment to arrive but provided, i carry the stock that you wish to have. If not, you will have to still wait 2 weeks but of course, advantage number 1 applies. No shipping fee!!

3) Okay okay. There is a slight discount if you buy from me. Just a tiny, weeny bit. For example if you look at an average price of an RB- Cad$90+ shipping Cad$15 = CAD$105 which equates to SGD$140++. You will be paying 5%-7% lesser with me. Satisfied now? =)

4) Last advantage, only if you buy a tamper from me, you have the option to purchase separately, RB tamper tote bag at only SGD$20. USP is SGD$29.50++

Pictures will be posted as soon as the tampers arrive, inclusive of write up on how i feel on using it to tamp coffee.


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