A new coffee blend today that we have yet named.

It was a good way to end a working day Monday! Roasting and blending and cupping coffee is always and will always be a good time to end any day. Most importantly, me and Sham came out with a good blend! A modification of our latest African Bee blend that was concocted especially for the June, Mitr Phol Barista Challenge.

We roasted all 3 coffees, one after another. We compare and contrast all three beans against its green form. We cupped and evaluate each origins before finally blending it via percentage and cupping it again. All within one hour after roasting, just before the freshly roasted coffee enters its de-gassing and curing stages.

I will summarized it in pictures but just to share the single origins that we evaluated right after roasting, in a few words:-

Kenya AA- Roasty sweet aroma with a slight hints of fruit (like grape). When cupped, the full bodied coffee slightly hit the sides of our tongue. Apart from that, did not get to taste much out of the Kenyan bean except that it was generally clean. Perhaps, the coffee is still in a shock and yet to release its characteristics.

Ethiopia Sidamo- Surprisingly, when nosing the coffee, a strong wave of dark cocoa hit our nostrils. So strong that it send a therapeautic wave down my body. In the taste department though, the hints of lemon starts to come out and after a few slurps, the sides of my tongue started gasping for 'air'. The acidity was so bright that i started to salivate! Of medium bodied, truly complex...

Sumatera Mandheling- Today, everything about this Indonesian bean did not fall in places like it should, except for the aroma. The aroma was chili spicy. Dry and when Alex joined in the cupping session, he mentioned peppery too. While cupping it, it appears too light, too clean and somehow, like a Latin American coffee more than anything although the low acidity of a typical Indonesian is clearly underlined. Will cupped it again after the curing stage.

For the new blend, it was tremendous but allow me to reserved my comments for now until we are ready to fully analysed it. This is specially concocted for a good friend of mine, Tony for his tasting session this week.

Here, are all the pictures of today:-

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