A little update over what happened during the MITR PHOL BARISTA CHALLENGE

I know this is like over a week late but hey, what do you expect when today is my 13th day at work with no off days since 31st May 2010!! Thank god tomorrow is a rest day before i burnt my next weekend, doing 250 cups of coffee in 45 minutes in a event at Adam Rd.

Ok,ok..... the Barista Challenge updates. Lets flash some event photos. (courtesy of Ian.)

First day was practice session and event set-up and it was a chaotic and hot day. 2nd day was qualifying rounds and it was even warmer and humid. 6 finalist from both event were determined and anyone can clearly see that the hot favourites are balanced in both Latte Art and Main Challenge. Let me search and add the photos of the winners here and after which, i will find some time to blog every individual winners in my next blog posts.

Latte Art Winners (3rd- Terrence, 2nd- Jason, Champion- Fadzly)

Barista Challenge Winners (3rd- Nizam, 2nd- Terrence, Champion- Jason)

And i am itching to throw a Latte Art Smackdown in August, now who is with me??

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