Featured in Artazza website, America leading on-line retailer.

It was love at first sight when my eyes set upon those "designer cappuccino cups" which was oftenly used by leading professional barista during WBC. I later discovered that those cups have a named and it is called TerraKeramik. It was a must-have and before long, sets of red cappuccino and espresso cups was promptly on the way to Singapore.

I used it for this year SNBC 2010 and was pleased by the performance. It did draw both positive and negative attention. For every admiration that i received, there was also critics of it being over-rated, expensive and lots more. Nevertheless, the hefty price that it came with, it meets the basic purpose which helps me during the competition. It was thick, kept the beverage warm longer and just the right size and volume to meet the WBC requirement of a 5-7 oz cappuccino. The "standard" size cappuccino in Singapore was 9-12 oz and thus the infamous white porcelain, large round rimmed cups which barista associated to be the proper competition cups. You either get that in IKEA or Sia Huat!! I must admit though, learning to pour latte art in the Terra cups was a real terror but what it needed was just a few warming up session.

Coincidently, the top 3 this year all uses Terra cups and some how or rather, it managed to caught the eyes of Reto K. Meir of Artazza/ Terra Keramik. Soon after, i received a congratulatory email and an invite to be featured amongst the world top barista in their now famous website. How can i reject this opportunity? Do visit this link, as of today, the only barista in Asia (Singapore) to be featured among the like of David Makin, Tim Adams and many more. http://www.artazza.com/barista.php

Oh, my new set of Blacks is in the house. Time to unwrap these babies. Thank you TerraKeramik!!

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