Saturday, April 27, 2013

WBC 2013 Melbourne

Got an invitation to judge in Melbourne by the World Coffee Event (WCE) for the World Barista Championship taking place next month.

Mixed feelings as my life partner, my dear wifey is expected to deliver anytime in this 3 weeks but confirmation has to be made by 4th May! Then again, judging in the World is an opportunity that is hard to come by. Melbourne too is just 6 hours away as compared to Italy next year.

I believe God has better plan for me and family. In this instance, love and passion for coffee has to take a back seat.

Live streaming for me this year then.


  1. Suhaimie, I'm pleased to know you in the WCE Judge workshop. I respect so much your commitment to both coffee and family! - Dixon Ip (Xen Coffee)

  2. Hey Dixon, how are you man? Has the cupping spoon been put to good use yet? Glad to have met you in the coffee learning journey too. So will you be judging in WBC this year?